Monday, November 26, 2012

A Cowgirl Birthday Rodeo

It's not often you get to go to a rodeo themed party at an actual horse ranch.  We got to do just that at the Bonanza Horse Ranch in Katzweiler.  If you love adorable cowgirls, cowboys and horses then read on partner. 

I just have to say I love having creative friends.  Not only do I love helping them create their wonderful parties but most of all I love attending them.  Recently my creative friend Laura (the mastermind behind our Thing one and Thing two party) threw a cowgirl rodeo party for her daughter Aleena's 5th birthday.   

The Chow table

I was happy to design some cowgirl printables for this rootin tootin occasion. 

There were lots of yummy treats for the hungry cowgirls and cowboys. 

I made the cupcakes but Laura painted the horses silver.  Brilliant!

There was Rodeo Punch to wet your whistle.

Yes I spelled the word Bail wrong here.  It should be "Bale".  Just send me to the stockades.  

Laura made Sweet Hay Bales which were rice crispy treats on a stick.  She got the idea from Cupids Little Rosebud.  Who had an adorable Cowgirl party of her own and she spelled the word Bale right, if only I had paid attention.  

The Gear

The table was set with fun, colorful cowboy/ cowgirl hats and bandannas from Oriental Trading Company for everyone to gear up and get in the rodeo spirit. 

The cutest cowboy ever.  

For Mara this is a big smile:)


The birthday girl.  Yay Happy Birthday Aleena!

After polishing off their grub the cowpokes moseyed out to the stable to take some photos with my photo props. 

The Photo booth

Then we had some time to get to know the horses.  

All the pretty Horses

This one was so sweet. 

This one was not.

This one tried to lick my camera.

Then on to our trail ride.  

Mara handled her horse like a pro.  

After the ride she was so proud of herself. 

My little cowpoke down at the ranch.  

Then we rode off into the sunset in our gas powered buggy...

with our bag of "puppy chow" in tow.  Thank you Laura for such an amazing experience that we will never forget.  Thanks ya'll for stoppin by.  I hope you have a rootin tootin day. 


Credit goes too

Party Styling and baking: Laura Scott and Sunny Duran
Photography: Sunny Duran
Party printable decorations: Sunny by Design 
Cowboy/Cowgirl hats: Oriental Trading Company
Cowgirl themed plates: Oriental Trading Company
Pink Cowgirl Napkins: Oriental Trading Company
Pink Cowgirl Table cover: Oriental Trading Company
Plastic Horses (we painted them silver): Oriental Trading Company

Sweet Hay Bales: Cupids Little Rosebud


  1. Just found your blog "by accident" and love your creativity! My daughter and I used to go to bonanza to ride every week and also participated in their plays (theater on horses) and other events, miss this place! Looks like your daughter got to ride Festus, my daughter's favorite horse :)

  2. Glad you found me. I had a great time designing and my daughter had a great time attending this party. The horse was huge and gorgeousness. Just a little intimidating but it went well.

  3. I would love to have my daughter's party at the ranch..I contacted them by email and have not heard back! It seems they speak English! Do you happen to know how your friend set her daughter's up?

    1. Yes she went to talk to them in person. They usually have someone there that speaks English. I hope this helps. We really had a great time.


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